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Let's learn wedding floral design with Belle Saison-Kimie who has
designed thousands of bouquets worldwide for over 30 years. She has been
the award winner fot the New York flower show for 15 years in a row.
Regarding the instructor please refer to Kimie Miyamoto.

Wedding Course:
1) Body Flowers or personal flowers: corsage, wristlet, boutonniere, head
piece, brides maid bouquet, and a trendy bridal bouquet (3 days)
All the flowers worn on your body defines body flowers.

2) Church Decor: Altar arrangements, pew decor, runner, etc, are conducted
at the church located in Manhattan (1day)
Altar arrangements, pew decor, and runner are basic ceremonial flowers.

3) Reception Decor: Center pieces, cocktail table, place card table, lady's
and men's room arrangements (1day)
You will learn a traditional center piece to a trendy and fashionable vase

4)Trip to a flower market to learn the names of the flowers, foliage and hoy to
puchase the flowers and supplies. (1 day)
Let's identify the name of the flowers by observing mnay kinds of flowers in
the New York Flower Market.

5)invitation to major bridal show in Manhattan at the Marriot Marquis or The
Pierre Bridal Show (1day)
Since you have learned wedding floral designs of three categories, it is time
for you to enjoy a bridal fashion show as well as bridal related trade shows.

6)Your bouquet: The theme to be announced.
How about making your own bouquet by using all the techniques you have
attained in the class (1 day)

- All the flowers and floral supplies (vases, containers, basket, ribbon, tape,
etc. ) ($200)
- Tuition ($300)
- Bridal Show Invitation
- Tea Time
- Certificate ($90) Option

Note: In each class student will create at least two floral designs and take
them home with them.

$500 Includes everithing mentioned above plus eight, (9) time lessons.

What to bring with you: Sicssors, clippers, apron, notebook, pen and pencil,
camera, a large plastic bag to take your flowers home.
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