United Nations Wedding
In the middle of September, the General Assembly will be held at the United
Nations. Heads of the States, Prime ministers, Foreign ministers and
Ambassadors representing about 200 countries will attend this event. When
you are at the United Nations, you feel you are a citizen of the World.

The Ceremony will be held at the UN Church, Immediately following the
ceremony, you will enjoy a champagne toast at the UN Plaza Hotel just across
the street. Photo session my be conduced by a professional photographer
inside the United Nations, serenity Garden from where you will command a
beautiful view of the East River. In April Cherry blossoms will be at their best.

This Package includes: Ceremony at the UN Chapel, Pastor, Marriage
certificate, Church Altar Arrangements, Bridal Bouquet & Groom's Boutonniere,
Attendants Corsages & Boutonnieres, Champagne toast at the UN Plaza Hotel,
T-shirts of NYC for Bride & Groom, Memorial stamps at the UN

For additional information including pricing, e-mail us, call us or fax us. We'll be
glad to be of your help. This package is available throughout the year except
major US Holidays and general Assembly in the middle of September.

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